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What Content Dealer Conference Offers

Learn about the newest features available for your dealership.

Examine ways to advance dealership processes using v10.

Engage with presenters and attendees.

Service offers

Fuel Your Service Drive

Eliminate phone tag and keep your service bays running smoothly with our user-friendly online booking system. Harmoniously integrated with our powerful CRM, it ensures fast, reliable service with streamlined scheduling and timely follow ups, keeping your business and customers moving forward.


Deliver on Time (Service and Sales)

Vehicle delivery and lot preparation is a juggling act that requires your Sales and Service departments to work together. Find the best ways to keep both teams aligned and provide an experience your customers won’t forget!

Fixed Ops Focus 1 (Service and Parts)

Witness how to fully leverage v10 in Service and Parts through individual processes and functionality. Create smoother inter-departmental workflows and offer a simple, stress-free experience for your customers.

Fixed Ops Focus 2 (Service and Parts)

45 minutes just isn’t long enough to explain the complexity of the service drive, so we’re extending ‘Fixed Ops Focus’ to cover the entire workflow to the next customer visit. Journey through the service bay with us as the technician, advisor, and Fixed Ops experts.

Assess Your Process

Over the last year, we’ve created new features designed to help you monitor the effectiveness of your processes. Our Analytics pages and reports provide tangible understanding of your operational procedures, showcasing evidence of your achievements.

Consistent Communication (CRM)

Your #1 priority is the customer, so efficient communication is essential. Use your data and service history details to deliver the best experience possible and keep customers coming back. Maintain consistency and build confidence in your messaging.

Strategic Management

Make strategic decisions by taking a closer look at managerial reports. Our new Financial Dashboard pages supply real-time information relevant to your dealership so you can stay ahead of the curve and know exactly where you’re trending.

EMG - Mindful Maintenance

The Enhanced Maintenance Guide (EMG) is a live, web-based application that promotes customer trust while amplifying your parts and labour sales. Quickly customizable to match the v10 pricing matrix, the EMG is the key to next-level retail selling and retention, connecting factory and dealer-recommended services.

Accounting offer

Connect the Dots

Last year, we launched our reimagined Financial Dashboard pages. Let’s review how to use these to take care of business in every department, making the most of your v10 reporting to stay on top of actionable items and meet your goals. Additionally, we’ll discuss where the future evolution of this functionality.

Unlock the Ledger

Enhance your detective skills with in-depth search capabilities available to help you get to the bottom of what’s happening and determine where effective intervention is necessary. Explore our newest query options, and don’t get left in the dark!

Operational Oversight

Much of your dealership’s profitability flows from Fixed Ops. What processes can optimize these departments? From managing customer records to controlling credit accounts, it’s up to you to determine the best practices for your store.

Bridging the Gap (Sales & Acct)

Collaboration between your Sales superstars and administrative heroes is essential to sealing more deals. With a focus on inter-departmental practices to confirm details and finalize payments, you’ll build the foundation for long-term progress.


Decipher Discrepancies (Parts & Acct)

Unravel the mystery behind mismatched numbers in Parts Inventory. Whether you’re an experienced Parts Manager or a new Controller, this session is built to equip you with the essentials needed to ensure harmony between what’s on the shelves and what’s in the books.

Secure the Sale

Are you effectively managing customer deposits? Engage in discussions on successful tracking and management strategies, encouraging open communication between Accounting and other departments.

The More You Know

Concerned that you’ve missed out on essential information? Leave no stones unturned - we’ll fill you in on new and available features you might not be aware of.

Online Express Pay Today

Interested in taking a deeper dive into Online Express Pay? Uncover new developments and observe how each department harnesses its functionality to provide customers with more options and faster payments.

Parts offer

Cracking the Contact

Dig deeper into customer details to craft actionable strategies for a seamless customer experience. Extend your ability to manage customers with unparalleled precision. From scrutinizing valuations to managing customer care contacts, we’ll motivate you to build beneficial relationships.

Parts Perspective (CRM)

Unlock new potential in your Parts department with CRM and benefit from powerful plugins like special order notifications, quote and invoice follow-ups, and targeted marketing. Let Workplan work for you and save valuable time. Bring your input to help shape the future of CRM development and transform your communications!


Parts Wholesale Insights

In this session, we’ll outline ways to use v10 to market to your customers and drive traffic through your doors. Plus, see how our CRM, Workplan, can be used to track your customers’ activities, and maximize potential.

Discount Dynamics

Dive into the art of discount management like never before! Illuminate the path to maximizing sales and profitability in your Parts department with v10’s game-changing features, providing superior transparency and analytics.

Unveiling Analytics

Look beyond conventional data to reveal hidden insights and actionable intelligence. Navigate through innovative functionality and techniques designed to enhance your understanding of parts analytics, fostering informed decisions and efficiency in your operations.

Sales offer

Coaching Process

As a manager, you need appropriate resources to support your staff, no matter if they are new to the business or seasoned experts. The sky is the limit when your team is focused on the ever-important customer experience.

Steps to Success

Get back to basics with the fundamental sales skills needed to reach your goals. Monitor communications and the step-by-step tasks that will get you the desired outcomes.

Quality Quoting

Revamp your quoting process with customer-focused strategies to turn consideration into commitment. Use our web quoting option to add a new dimension to the approach and confidently make the sale every time.


Moving Mobile

As we progress into the digital era, let's talk about how mobile technology has advanced and delve into the latest functionality within our mobile app.

Coffee for Closers

Let us demonstrate all your reporting options and how you can maximize opportunities to get the most mileage out of each vehicle you get your hands on. Always oversee the success of your efforts!

Cyber Security Q&A

Data protection is at the forefront of every business. Get your questions answered by the experts and discover best practices for protecting yourself and your business.

Wish Upon a Car (CRM)

Connect your customers’ desires and business decisions to achieve peak sales. Use the information at your fingertips and mine your own data to initiate the next deal.


Additional Sessions

Voting for the Future

Great enhancement ideas are the cornerstone of continual development. A lot of enhancements come from our customers. If you want to have your say and help steer future development of v10 then you will want to come and vote on what you think is a good idea and what you think isn't.

Q & A

We want to make sure you get all our questions answered but our plans may not cover something you are looking for. Submit your questions ahead of your arrival to make sure you leave with the information you need. If you don’t have questions that’s ok, come get the 411 firsthand.

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